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New and very happy 197 owner


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Hello All,


I have recently gotten rid of my 1996 Seat Ibiza GTI (which I had for 8 years and still loved even though it leaked and had electrical problems) and bought a 197.


I got what I thought was a good deal - for a black 'demo'. Thanks to Kevin for chipping in $6,000 bonus tax deduction as it is a 'company' car.


So far it is perfect, I love getting it out of the garage each morning and the only problem so far is the embarrassment

of people recognizing how in love a 35 year old man is with his little hot hatch.


I took it for a bash around Wakefield about two weeks after getting it - it was a thursday and I was the only person on the track most of the day. Magic.


My only question so far is that I took it to a stereo place to get a replacement stereo with bluetooth and i-pod but they said nothing works with the wheel controls. They said that the device that is available in the UK to make them work is not available here yet?


Thanks for the forum - it is good to read of other peoples experience.




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Hi Joseph,

Welcome and kudos on the purchase. Envy the loan runs on the track....great way to get it going.

I'm sure there are some aftermarket ways for your ipod/bluetooth delema, but these are the genuine parts in case they were not offered to you at time of purchase.

197 AUDIO CONNECTOR KIT (7711426614) $439 from Renault dealership

197 HANDS FREE PHONE KIT (7711424854) $750 from Renault dealership


Here is the link for them (and other parts)

http://www.renault.com.au/renault-cars/ ... cessories/


Will send you a PM with more info in case you are interested.

Hope this help.



ps: What colour is your 197 ?

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Wolf will looks after you with parts 8)


Good to see you got her out on the track already!!


Enjoy :mrgreen:

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WELCOME Joseph, good to hear your in luv with the Clio.... I must say i dont mind the Ibiza GTI's....


Where abouts are you located???


If your interested to attend Wakefiled Park again on Saturday 5th of September and meet a few of us, check out "Advanced Driving, Track Days, Club-level Motorsport & Activities"..... It a fun day out...

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Thanks for the welcome guys.


That was my first go around the track and I am keen to do more - I was a little less keen when a mate told me my tyres are worth $680 each (that is who much I sold my Ibiza for!).


I live in Sydney and work in East Sydney. I will check out the September 5th day - it sounds good.


Wolf - thanks for the stereo info.


I have another question - last night as I was driving my service indicator went from saying service required in 1400kms to service due - any ideas??


The car has done 8000 kms so far (and is black).


Cheers and thanks for the help.


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I can only assume like most new cars, you have it chcked at 1000 kms, then its first service at 10,000kms

(Forum will correct me if i'm wrong)

Either way, may be worth your while to pay the Renault dealership a visit. Still well within its warranty just in case it's another issue.

The whole countdown thing can be most helpful indeed.



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Ouch - you got $700 for an Ibiza GTI?! That's a crime! Is that all they're worth? That'd be an awesome track car opportunity, no?


Welcome to the forum! I also work in East Sydney so I'm bound to spot a clean 197 soon...

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