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heya from a non-renault driver


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Hey guys!


Not a Renault driver, but know a friend that drives TWO around!! (geezz sif one wasn't enough haha)

So here I am snooping around, crashing renault meets (crashed the first one today lolz), and maybe someday i'll mature and jump into a Renault rather than a noisy, bumpy, fuel sucking japanese rice-mobile hahaha


For those that Brendan has corrupted with knowledge of a 'Blue Evo9 that eats tires and brakes for breakfast', well I'm the owner of that blue evo9 lolz


For those that Brendan hasn't corrupted yet, well yea.... I drive an evo9 hahaha.


I hope Japanese cars are welcomed here!

Well I know one guy who wants me outta here since i got a PM already going:

What you doing here!? ......no JDM mumbo jumbo here!


hahaha Thanks for the warm welcome Brendan!! :P:roll:


Hope to be able to join in on a few more meets and drives :)

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Hi Edi-no-son,


Nice meeting you at KK meet last night.. let us know when you're going to chew a few more tyres :) You're not the only one here with an EVO, rob240's got one too, pity he didn't get to the meet last night, you guys would have been swapping fuel consumption stories...


Anyway, welcome to the forum, always good to have enthusiast drivers with a mature outlook join up.

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Welcome champ, and YES guys this is that crazy ASIAN driver ive been telling you about.... The one that made Ian Luff scream at the Performance Driver Training.... :) :) You guys should of seen Ian Luff's reaction when he jumped out of that Evo.... HAHAHHHHA GOLD!!!!!


EXCELLENT driver i must admit BUT dammmmm that thing of yours chews through tyres, brake pads, fuel like no tomorrow.... AND like you said, maybee you "should jump in a renault"....

Im sick of chasing your blue A$$ on the track (jelousy)..... Maybee some slick rubber should do the trick and maybee then i'll be able to keep up....


Hope you get your wheels/lock nutts sorted out.... Gonna be a painful and an expensive process if worst come to worst....


See you at the track and once again thank you for finding me a Lap Timer....

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haha thanks for all the welcomes :)

The amg isn't mine... but since my evo is off the road, i just had to borrow it from my old man since Mr Brendan225 here wouldn't let me borrow his Meggy since it was having its "Beauty sleep".... pfft :P


I didn't run into any coopers or rangers when I left so hopefully its was alright lolz

I jus accidetally slipped off the brake onto the accel but I didn't reach 50km/h!! i swear!! hahaha


As for fuel.... well when i took it, the tank was almost full...

by the time I got home, 1/4 was gone hahaha

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