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Just a say a hello to the forum. Just returned after a minor mistake in purchasing a BMW of all cars. Anyway back with great piece of kit, a 08 225 Cup, its a fantastic car, and it creams the BMW in every way. Sadly its black, but just means I have to wax it more than often.




Thanks to you guys for all the insight to buying the car, some of the input on the forum has been vital.

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Welcome!! Where are you located??


Welcome back to the club!!!

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HA! I sometimes think I may go down the same path you've travelled.


What was wrong with the 120d? I'm currently riding a 130i after a 3 year stint in a 182 Cup.


Welcome back

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I live in Brisbane, and the driveway is only a problem when driving in reverse, in the driving rain and when there are small children/animals in the way. The 120d would wheel spin with all the torque it had low down, Meg just needs some gentle throttle control to get up.

Teki, The 120d, had a few too many problems , like the balancing shaft, the sump leaked badly, the auto lights wipers went intermittently and the dashboard went haywire. The mechanic just told me ( unofficially ) that the car would be a problem after warranty. So I glady decided to go back to Renault, much to the annoyance of my wife who owns a Merc. I have always loved the 225, and the service I have had,( and probably will have ) from Cartwrights was excellent, better than BMW ( apart from the mechanical staff ) and certainly better than Mercedes which is absolutely atrocious. When I had the 172, Renault Winsdor were great, and I heard good reviews from you guys over Cartwrights so I brought from them.

Teki, Don't get me wrong the 130i is fantastic, if you buy it second hand, as BMW charge a 'Brand fee' for there new cars, but when I brought from BMW in 06, it was a case of 'you buy the car at this price' sort of thing and you pay a arm and a leg for all the extras. Renault and PSA give you for alot of extras for nothing. I have had a lot of sh*t from my wife's family, neighbours and workmates over this car, which only makes me enjoy it even more.

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Bugger it! That's shocking. Hopefully yours was just a one off issue. A few ppl on here have met my BMW's previous owner - it was my main reason for buying it as I knew the car's history. Interestingly though Swalee, I was the opposite and had issue after issue after issue with my 182 Cup. The BMW has put on 16,000kms (WHAT?!) since February this year. Only one issue to mention; the left xenon connection failed and was fixed under warranty. Can't say I drive it all that easy either (though, it does most of the time). It's seen the track twice already, and always delivers. But, there is still something about the Renault that will always keep it close to my heart. I think I just love what RenaultSport stand for; performance. Sure, they deliver safety, design, features and all that jazz, but it's the performance that really bring it infront of the competition.


So glad that you've returned to Renault though. I'm thinking I will most probably do the same in the future, if not for a new one, then most probably a track based weekend fun car (aka Clio) to keep my spirits in tune.


All the best with the new ride :) At least you've still got all that torque (I've driven a 120d, and agree that wheelspin and torque are it's enemies!).

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Welcome Jason,

Keep on eye on the social events, as we just had a 2nd get together. It was a great day for driving up the mountains, then down, then up again, then.... well you get the jist.

Hope to see you on one, if you're interested.




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