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Hello. im a nooby


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hey guys!!


Just wanted to say Hi to all. its good to be on this forum with fellow RS owners. especially RSM 225 owners and even more so, the less agressive Lux owners! yes thats right i own a 225 lx but am a very happy owner.


i've browsed this forum quite a bit now and find it very useful. didnt wanna embarass myself by posting the same old topics. i see alot people have similar Q&A about its looks, performance and yes of course, the unique rattling/electrical characeristics. but theres nothing like a few backyard jobbies cant do to fix them up. haha


anyways hope to speak to you all and maybe meet you guys my fellow ozRS owners.

I see there is a meetup at Aurburn KK's in sydney. Might check it out.



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Welcome to the forum mate.


There are no silly questions except the questions you don't ask.


And its hard to make a bigger goose of yourself than most of us already have at some stage.


Hope you enjoy the Lux, enjoy the forum, and get along to a drive day in the future.


Cheers - Dave.

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Congratulations for choosing what is arguably the most pleasant RenaultSport to be in :wink:


There is an absolute wealth of knowledge here, Don't ever be afraid to ask - sometimes the silliest questons end up with the most enlightening answers :D

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Thanks Guys,


Welcome to the forum, should have a drive of my car at the KK meet.

by The Jeffster on Sun Jun 28, 2009 7:49 pm


Jeffster, would love to get into one of those. But if your insisting on me to drive it. i dont think ill be able to give it back! j/k


Wouldnt it be nice if Australia had brought in the r26r though. Now that would be a car to be driven and stolen for. :drool:

ahem..excuse my criminalistic mind but im sure you'll all agree.



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well we don't have the r26r but hey at least we get the r26. for r26r simply:

1) strip interior and cage from ktec or similar

2) Carbon bonnet

3) Go (even) faster r26r stickers from ebay

4) insert race seats

5) paint rims red

6) suspension mods optional

7) enjoy!


Or maybe just remap your car and you have something almost as quick but heaps more comfortable and practical!


welcome mate hope you are enjoying your ride

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Or maybe just remap your car and you have something almost as quick but heaps more comfortable and practical!

I agree....mapped might even be quicker....R26R isn't for everybody. Better to start with an R26 and then modify as you need. Especially if you actually want to drive the thing on a daily basis.


Now, to win lotto....and own an R26R for weekend work, thats another thing......

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Or maybe i can just stop day dreaming and be hapy with my car. I mean it does have a good amount of power, handles better than most cars on the road, has four doors to bring others along for the fun without adjusting my seating position, double sunroof/windowto enjoy looking at the bird... uhh. stuff, and fully leather seats to add that extra touch of luxury to it.


I love my car. Have had it since Nov last year and everyday i look at that gorgeous bum, i smile. (she knows when i stare).


Youll proably all know that it doesnt have the cup chassis. So it never came with the 18" anthracite cup wheels, only the original silver 8 sooke 17's and suspension it fairly soft compared to CUP. But hey, it gives me more time to perform some cosmetic and performance work.


Since ownership i have managed to get those 18" wheels, from the UK (mind you, it was easier to do then i thought or just lucky) so im hoping to have my original OEM ones for sale. i have a submitted a post but not sure when it will be published.


Rockford 10" sub (only the best) put in the back to make her bum wobble hehe.

and a CarXLink audio iPod link to play more songs.



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Mate, your car looks very nice.


Just don't "give away" your old rims (ie, sell them cheap). The fitment is UNIQUE, and you cannot get "off the shelf" replacements. I congratulate you on showing initiative in getting your own 18s (from OS), but unless you really need the $$, I would not sell your old rims.


Loving the white writing on the tyres too......


Cheers Dave.

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Welcome!! The 18s looks much better 8)


Enjoy the forum!!

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