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  1. G'Day Chook! Welcome on board. if you have any questions.. the forum is sure to help you out. Enjoy the ride. John
  2. jped

    Hello. im a nooby

    Or maybe i can just stop day dreaming and be hapy with my car. I mean it does have a good amount of power, handles better than most cars on the road, has four doors to bring others along for the fun without adjusting my seating position, double sunroof/windowto enjoy looking at the bird... uhh. stuff, and fully leather seats to add that extra touch of luxury to it. I love my car. Have had it since Nov last year and everyday i look at that gorgeous bum, i smile. (she knows when i stare). Youll proably all know that it doesnt have the cup chassis. So it never came with the 18" anthracit
  3. jped

    Hello. im a nooby

    Thanks Guys, Jeffster, would love to get into one of those. But if your insisting on me to drive it. i dont think ill be able to give it back! j/k Wouldnt it be nice if Australia had brought in the r26r though. Now that would be a car to be driven and stolen for. ahem..excuse my criminalistic mind but im sure you'll all agree. Cheers!
  4. jped

    Hello. im a nooby

    hey guys!! Just wanted to say Hi to all. its good to be on this forum with fellow RS owners. especially RSM 225 owners and even more so, the less agressive Lux owners! yes thats right i own a 225 lx but am a very happy owner. i've browsed this forum quite a bit now and find it very useful. didnt wanna embarass myself by posting the same old topics. i see alot people have similar Q&A about its looks, performance and yes of course, the unique rattling/electrical characeristics. but theres nothing like a few backyard jobbies cant do to fix them up. haha anyways hope to speak to y
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