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Put your exact car in your posts, people!

Blue F1

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Could the admins PLEEEEASE make a rule that people have to put the exact MODEL and SERIES of their car either in their signature, or in their fricking posts! It is really frustrating, especially when someone is discussing technical issues and usually ASKING for help or advice and they DON'T SAY WHAT THEIR CAR IS!!! It's just plain bad manners.


Saying that you have an RS 225 is not good enough - is it a Sport, Sport cup, series 1, series 2, 225 F1 Team (Blue), 225 F1 R26, or what? :shock: (I've even seen discussion (in the FOR SALE / WANTED, usually) where it didn't specify whether it was for Clio or Megane!)


They are different - just look up my posts on windscreen wipers - and if one batch of cars had a bad set of coil packs, or needed new injectors, or a rusty muffler - it would help to know. Considering that Renault Australia are a bit "reluctant" to share common problems (as someone said it's like getting blood from a stone) and even DENY sometimes that a problem has ever existed (read: rear LHS wheel alignment on Renault Megane F1and Cups) - if people put their model/series in, it helps a lot. I have used the input from this forum SO MANY TIMES to get stuff fixed, after initially being fobbed off.


Ahh. OK , I've had my rant, I feel better now. :D



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Dave, thanks for the quick response.


oh, and



Maybe the Clios don't have the multitude of technical issues that Meganes seem to... lucky you. Sigh.


Hamstrung, I am actually a car.





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Not enough info Mase...


You are missing your Vin, the DOT and load rating off your tyres, credit account PIN and current hot and standing tyre pressures, and the wheelbase of the car you learned to drive in. If you wish to be accurate, the number of revolutions your engine has turned since manufacture would also be handy :wink:

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:lol: ..and I had to drop 200 odd characters due to the 255 limit.


It'll all (mostly) be gone tomorrow :wink: Was interesting getting the info together. I've kept the list :roll:


My first car's wheel base was different either side of the car..but then again you'ld know that :)

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Look you guys, it's not pleasant being hassled by a mod and an admin just for being accurate as the posting requests! :)


I'll change it to something you fellas would think more appropriate now before I get bannished to a GM forum or something equally terrifying :shock: .

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