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Hi all! Newbie 172 in Melbourne :)


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Hi everyone, first and foremost let me thank you all for the invaluable information and advice you've posted on this site, you made my RSC research and selection process a breeze! :D


Now, with that out of the way...


I'm Chris, 23, from Melbourne's northern suburbs, and i'm the proud owner of a 2002 clio sport 172, which I picked up a few weeks ago...I am, unashamedly, absolutely in love with her :P


Unmodified, apart from the sunroof and remus exhaust, and very clean, it was exactly what i was searching for :)


I look forward to seeing many of you on the road, i'm the one with the stupid grin on his face (blame the car), and conversing with even more of you online (that or stealing more of your RS knowledge)



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Thanks fellas :)


I agree rmadrid, plus I think it shows off the car's lines nicely...


Griffyn I see you're at latrobe, not the owner of the black 182 by any chance? ive JUST finished up there, but ill still be popping in every now and then, make sure you say hi if you see the iceberg 172! :D

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Welcome from a fellow newbie. With a name like xpistakis you must be a good Greek boy (like myself), although I'm probably a bit older and more conservative than you. There are a few RSC's around, especially out my area in the north west (I spotted 2 this afternoon on a pushbike ride). Mine is a blue 182 but probably not the one you saw the other day......yia sou and take it easy re!

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Welcome Chris,


Another 23 YO here from the Eastern Burbs. Good to see so many new RSC owners joining :)


Enjoy the car, see you round :)



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Thanks everyone, great to be here! Seems to be a rare group of mature minded enthusiasts on here :)

Thanks for the welcome xeno182, regardless of my age and car of choice, i assure you im as conservative a driver as you'll find...


...99% of the time :) it's a hell of a little car

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