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New Black(or you could say white) Sheep of OZRS =P


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Well was bored so decided to do one of these =D

and to ensure i wont be looked at as a stranger if i join you guys at drive days as im friends with DK86!

Bought this car end of 2007, and have loved it ever since!!

Nothing special atm mods include: HKS exhaust, tein coilovers, 18inch rims and pod :D


Here she is, and that's dk's old wrx(RIP)



And here she is with the dk's barina with balls :P




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better days to come wif ma new much beloved "barina with balls"


Cue the Jeffster.... :lol:


Welcome aboard!


hehe, thx...but...

??? jeffster??? sorry did i miss something?


Mikee with a segue like that who could resist, especially with newbies :)


My bumper nuts are all the rage in the inner west, my neighbors keep asking about them 8)


By way of example:





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hmm...how did u attach yours, and to where?


...doesn't look like you used those attaching things they're selling (bit of ripoff i reckon if u ask me 2 get both)


Just zip ties, as I don't have a tow bar I improvised,i t's all a bit of a laugh.


Got to crash catch ya tomorrow 8)

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