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Where do you want to go from here?


Where do you see ozrenaultsport.com going?  

  1. 1. Where do you see ozrenaultsport.com going?

    • I like it just the way it is thanks
    • New look site, some links, gallery etc but remain independant. If you want to join a club, join the RCCA!
    • Lets be affiliated with the RCCA, have a new look site which is joined to theirs, and have option of joining as full member to ozrenaultsport.com(RCCA)
    • Lets be a part of the RCCA and require membership to participate in all things ozrenaultsport.com
    • I dont really care.. I just post for the fun of it! Please don't change!!

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I am interested in part in seeing how many users we have using the forum regularly...


Please select the option that most suits your interest in where we want to take this site..


Think i have covered most options.. If you have an 'other', feel free to add as a reply.



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What about linking to the RCCA for funding and they can utilise this forum as a way to introduce people into the club. Overall though you could keep this forum independent apart from the club info and still keep it free to be a member.

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I like the site how it is, a gallery and a few more functions wouldn't go astray but that's about it.


I don't like the idea of being affilitated with any sponsors, advertising or anything like that. I like the fact that we are a self-funded group with an interest in common and we do not need to censor ourselves.


As for the RCCA, we all know where it is if we want to join it, a link to their site would no doubt prove useful but I see no need for an affiliation. Most of us are just here to share information.

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  • 2 years later...

I agree there has to be a free component.


But maybe it might be cool to enable the group to facilitate the growth of renaultsport enthusiasts. The RCCA is about all Renaults, where as we are focused on the performance wing of the company...almost a different beast.


If we had an affiliation we could perhaps offer the next level to enthusiastic members. Cams membership, perhaps events and track days organised properly if we had the support.


We also might tap into some of the memebers of the RCCA with performance renaults...which would also be cool.



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