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a few months ago i thought i'd test drive a few cars just for a bit of fun. i drove the astra vxr, the focus xr5t, the mazda 3mps... wasn't really all that impressed with any of them, as soon as i SAW the Megane R26 i just had to have it (not just drive it once). :)

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hi all,


I am not yet an owner but an looking at either a used sport megane I or II 255 as an alternative to say a focus xr5 or a golf gti.


will see how this wild ride pans out.




I have an RS Megane 225 Cup and my wife has a VW Golf GTI.


The Megane is definitely more raw, more fun, and feels quicker, but the GTI is more comfortable and gets better fuel economy.


Whatever you do, do not get a non-Cup phase 1 225. The main criticisims being that the ESP is overly intrusive and the steering not very sporty, and someone correct me if I'm wrong but I'm sure the Cup brakes better due to the bigger brakes.


IMHO the wheels on the non-Cup 225 are quite boring but that would never be the deciding factor.

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