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Hello everyone in Oz!!


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Howzit to everyone down under. My name is Rassie and I am from Pretoria in South Africa. (Worldcup & Super14 Champs) :mrgreen: I drive a Blood Orange Renault Megane RS225, actually 233ATW 5 door. Thank you for having me on your forum and I hope I can contribute some usefull info on these super cabbys. I am a corporate sales guy doing digital tv distrubution for hotels and new developments. I work for a company called Ellies Electronics. This is me with my boys:




and this my baby:



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Show us what you've done to this beast?!?!


Enjoy your stay here 8)




Alex :mrgreen:

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Welcome Rasman,


We'd be interested in your input, as I'm sure there is a lot of synergy between RSA & Aus, especially in the Renault world.

Same thing back in the late 60's/early 70's when the R8 Gordini had a parallel band of enthusiasts in both countries.


Enjoyed your dyno video, and appreciated the information on ECU adaption. Your method is less hassle than dis-connecting the battery!



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Welcome Rasman! some cute (birthday?) boys you have.


Love the car - and did you say 233kw at the wheels?? :shock: or is it a model designation over there?


It'll be pretty quiet here for a while as most people are on a break, I'd imagine :)


Nope.. she makes 233BHP at the wheels...that is 174kw at the wheels roughly 200kw at the Fly and 268BHP at the fly. They are called Euro4 Megane RS225 over here.

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