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New Clio Driver


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I picked up a 2002 RSC a few weeks ago after my old car was written off*. So far ive been pretty happy with it. The engine, handling and interior is definitely a step up from what ive driven before. Stereo is good to use, but sounds pretty average. Great fun to drive, still a pain if i want to take off slowly though...


Looking forward to track days and winding roads!





*I had a madza2 which was written off whilst parked on the street out the front of my house. I was at work when it happened - a Toureg had driven into it, pushing it into the gutter. The Toureg's front left wheel was turned at a right angle and had to be towed. Id say that ive done well out of the incident.

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Welcome Sam.


Lucky for you the Mazda was written off then! Maybe don't park the RSC on the street out the front though? Who knows what the Toureg driver got as a replacement car!


Where abouts in Sydney are you located?


Hopefully we will see you on the drive day - December 9th





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Yeah i dont know where you would go from there, dont really like the upmarket 4wds myself. Get a proper 4wd or a car i reckon.


Im in Killara, near Chatswood


Wheres the drive day?


Welcome mate 8)


Check the Social Events section for all drive day info. Run sheets are to be posted soon :wink:


What colour is your RSC? I spotted a black 172 on Tuesday night near UTS Kuringai. I'm up that way every Tuesday for soccer 8)

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I once had a Mazda 2 as a loan car when my RX-7 was being serviced, and I must say that it was a lot of fun to drive. I was very surprised. And the interior quality for such a cheap car was very impressive.


Not that I'm comparing it to your Clio - it goes without saying that the RSC is far superior. :D


Welcome to the forum!

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Its red, stock standard. You play in the 6 a side comp there? i played a couple of summers ago, won our night and a case of beer at the end.


The 2 was pretty good for what it is - average body shape but heaps of room inside for the size and ok to drive. I could even fit up to 3 surfboards inside with 3 passengers - haven't even bothered to try 1 board in the Clio! :lol:

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There's a thread somewhere in Clio II about all the stuff that people have fit in their Clios :wink:


Yeh though this summer it's a 5-a-side comp. Good fun though!


Well might spot you around then 8)

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