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Got booted out - now i am allowed back....


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........still no explanation why though? :(


Glitch? Ethnic Cleansing? Something i said :shock:


Glad to be back - just wondered what went wrong?


Damn it - just realised now i a can only log in as a guest????


WHAT IS GOING ON!!! Moderators help please??????????????????

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LOL@"super powers" :P nah, we're not that powerful!!


I have no idea what may have happened, however we have been receiving a handful of requests to un-ban members who are told that they have been banned when trying to access the site.

I've just posted this to help anyone in your same position in future.


Cheers, Dish.

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Yeah, I'm reasonably certain my next 'learn english you retards' thread is going to get me the boot. It'd take a long time before people would simmer down enough to vote me back in. Just because I drive a Megane doesn't mean I'm considered 'OK' by the cool kids.


Guess I should have held out for the R26, eh? I'm sure that would have helped my case. =(

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I guess if the admins are going to run amok and ban people it's less annoying when these bans are short-lived, eh DrGonzo? =D


(I'm kidding, admins, plz don't ban me too!)


I think we should have a "random ban generator" and then have a reverse BB poll to see if the rest of the forum want to allow you back in!!! :shock:


Brilliant - and it would certainly add that little certain something to the forum.


We could run a dead-pool list on who might get booted next - and a "if i could boot one person it would be" thread......


..the possibilities are endless. :shock:


Being on the admin team is the ultimate in power trip - imaginge would you could do!!!!! :lol::lol::lol:



Is this the OzRS forum or have I somehow been redirected to the latest Big Brother series fan site? :shock::rofl:

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