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OZRS Cracks A Ton

The Jeffster

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We've been regularly hitting around 1150 recently mate - but most of these new "members" are just spammers... in reality, we are close to the 1K mark though - after our latest approval run last night, we were at 987 real members I think. If you have a look at the memberlist, apart from the latest crop of "recruits" nearly everyone has posted something legit at some stage so that's kinda cool. Dunno what's happened to the drop offs... hope none have gone to the great wrecking yard in the sky...


On a slight tangent, when we last had an Admin meeting in Melb I raised the question as to whether we may be the longest running English language forum for RENAULTsport vehicles around... can anyone think of another? I know that Cliosport.net has been around longer, but they are a model specific forum whereas we cater for the brand as a whole. Can anyone confirm this? Lookin' at you covert! :D


Cheers, Dish.

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1002 now LOL... bleedin' spammers...


Thing is that someone is considered a member even before they are given approval by the Admin team, hence the yo-yo-ing number you will see as and when we get around to manually deleting or green-lighting them.

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