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Another RSC in Tassie


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Great to see you on the forum.


It's been a long time, no see. Th ozrenaultsport forum is a great tool to utilise in enhancing your RenaultSport ownership experience.


As you can see I've got a new car (RS Megane), but have still held on to the Gordini. Is yours the same Europa or is it another one?



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Thanks everyone. It is a FRB 182 with stripes, 39000km. Seems a very nice car, few warning light gliches every now and then. Getting a service next week. Great to hear that Rob is still as Renault as ever. Haven't seen you since the great days of the Adelaide GP. My Renault history goes back a long way and have owned at one time or another since 1969, Renault 8 Gordini, R10,R16, R16TS, and best of all possibly, a R17TS before getting Renault engined Lotus Europa. Forum is great and very helpful.

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Welcome Fort, enjoy the little blaster, and any mate of Rob's has gotta be another good bloke

Interesting comment on the R17TS, I've been wanting to drive one for awhile

Cheers pete

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Thanks Pete

My 17ts covered 440,000 kilometres and the only thing done to the engine was a head gasket which was leaking oil. Every other part of the engine was original and in the end it was still in excellent condition, good compressions, bearings, no oil consumption. Cruised better at 160kph than 120kph. Just a wonderful car. Sometimes wonder about progress with expensive routine timing belt changes etc. chains weren't all bad.

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Fascinating, Fort, ..........let's hope there's a 17TS at the FCD next Sunday, I'd like to check one out,..........could be my next old girl when I tire of the 12


Cheers Pete

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