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howto remove hatch button - potential rattle solver


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i finaly got it off, took a bit to work it off...

lubed up all the spings and buttons, gears ect and now the hatch dosent have a rattle!!!


total time spent about 30min, i now have a rattle free boot!.

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for this you will need a set of torx bits. 20 & 30 from memory.

and a 10mm socket with extention bar..


remove the back pannel.




undo wiring & drain hose

with the torx 20 bit undo the small bolt on the center bit.

remove the white plastic bit with everything in place.


with the bar you can either unmount the lock at the bottom of the hatch, and use that to manipulate the rod useing a size 30 torx bit.

undo the 10mm bolts around the fitting. x3


here is the tricky bit. the outside piece and the black inside piece is held together with clips, i used a flat head screwdriver to manipulate it from each other.


looks a bit like this when dissasembeled.

with taking out the center button there is a gromit on the base of the button hole, manover it out of the hole, and it should come free..

then lubricate as nessacery!

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Hey guys i don't know why but i noticed recently that now when i close my hatch, the whole thing is loose, and it doesn't have that firm thump when you close it anymore, more rattly and you can actually wiggle the hatch when its in both closed and locked position. HELP! ALSO WATER GETS IN NOW WHEN WHEN I WASH IT!

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