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Bat Country - hi from newbie in Adelaide


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Post up some pics of ur ride :D

sounds like ur a bit of a crazy driver (like the rest of us) n will keep the adelaide boys on their toes thru the hills!!





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.... I though I better say a quick hello beofre you're thrown in jail!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D


Ah, I remeber when I used to think getting pulled over by cops was funny..... 3 lost licences later and enough money lost on fines to pay for the USA to be in Iraq for another 3 years.... :roll::roll::roll::roll::roll:


Enjoy your new beast .....but, be careful :wink::wink::wink:


..looking forward to seeing your pics - Go the Black Renaults!

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Greetings Dr Gonzo! Should you retain your lic. long enough :shock: you may wish to join us on one of our placid drive days in the hills.


Cheers and good luck with the new wheels and try to keep our insurance premiums down 8)



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G'day Dr Gonzo...welcome to the forum!


Geez, I have enough trouble keeping up with the young lads...not another one!! :lol:

Maybe I'll have to lead the way through the hills to keep you at bay!! :)


EDIT: What part of Adelaide are you in?

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Are you a Hunter S Thompson fan by any chance :P


Just noticed that your nickname could only mean one thing 8)


"I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours. " HSG





Mmmmm just a little - i thought the Bat country reference would give it away as welll!! :D


Thought you might like this - it kind of sums up a lot of things..............





Hunter is a real hero of mine, I read him a lot when I was young and I was still actively writing creatively (don't let my crap spelling fooll you I am actualy a good writer), he embodies the death of the American dream and the harsh reality that the US is mired in now. There is a reason I don't live there any more and why I want to raise Oscar here.


Anyway, I know there are a few Hunter fans on here as someone else has a qoute by him in their signature. He's a dead set ledgend and will be sorely missed.

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Just got my site registration thru (thans to the admin team for a swift job!!) so i thought i would pop on and say how-do!


Currently running amok around the city in an Black RS182 Cup (2006), speeding fines currently total around $1000 and are all from the Cup but hey WTF it is worth it.


Best fine was from a female cop in a dark green commodore on the Port Expressway near Dry Creek.


She tailgated me around the Gilbert Overpass and then i left here for dead on the main drag when she tried to overtake me.....!!!! :twisted:


She had to pull back in behind me and the she revealed herself to me by flicking her blues on...!! I sat there at the side of the road trying not to p**s myself laughing as i wound the window down!!


135Kph she booked me for she must have felt sorry for me!


Anyway thats enough drivel from me - i look forward to hearing from you all and eventually heading into the Hills with you!


I'll try and say hi if i see any of you around!


Thanks to the guy the gave me the site address at the BP garage in Payneham - i've forgotten your name (was it Rob?) :oops:


Welcome Dr Gonzo! I was hoping you'd be in Sydney cos we're way short on black RSCs here :wink:


It puzzles me why the police are allowed to do illegal things in this instance (the tailgating) in order to bait you?


Kinda like the "There's no such thing as safe speeding"... but the 000 crowd all do it.. curious..

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beinvenue dr gonzo,

the afternoon i picked up my 225 i got caught double the speed limit, 6 months loss of license $700.00 fine only to be caught again one week later. :(

went to appeal in court, got a female judge. she let me off the suspension (still paying off fines) and even asked the type of car i was driving. she commented that she thought the bum on my car was "cute"...

sucked in to all the drink drivers that were in the courtroom that day. have i learnt my lesson? i can only try. :twisted:

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jeffster, that avatar of the dog is scaring me. :(


Hahaha was wating for someone to comment on him :P


I have to say one of my favs, I have a text file with all the best ones saved.


Notice how even the peice of paper it's holding is moving, nice detail 8)

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OMG Jeff, my wife is mad on Dachshunds and she was delighted to see your avatar :)

We even own two of them which look just like the one in your pic (without the propeller hat!!) 8)


Dr Gonzo, very nice pics of your car. Those wheels look very nice on black!

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Welcome Doc, from one black Cup to anuzza

Have you just bought yours in Adelaide or elsewhere, not from George the medico in Sydney by any chance?

Love the tint, Im shopping for similar in Ad myself, do you know what grade it is ?

Hope to get a look at the car soon

Just had a thought ,.....I know a few Ad blokes will be seeing this thread,...............there's a Come and Try Motorkhana on at woolworths car park at Monarto this Sun at 9am,..........CAMS licence holders $5, others $20, thought it would be a great chance to all catch up, anyone know how to handbrake turn? I'll see if I can spirit my 15 yo Son Lachlan away from his Mum for the day and give him a fang in the Cup, he did good at the Hillclimb in the VZSS

Also on the day ,there's the All British Vintage car rally at Uraidla Oval, could call in there on way back from Monarto

Any starters?

I'll post this up in the Social Pages as well

Cheers Pete 0413 133233

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Hi Doc

No it wasnt me, it must have been another bloody imposter

Im going to have a sex change , grow a mo , enrol at centrelink, and live at semaphore having a life !!!

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