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Hi All

I've been looking at the site for a while now and thought it was about time I joined in. I have had my Flame Red '03 RSC for about 3 months now and am loving it. The site has helped me out heaps and a big thanks to you all. The Clio sure does have it's share of 'quirks', but they are easy to forget when getting on it and hooking into a corner, which I do often!

Thanks again. :hail:

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Hi there! The more the merrier! (if that's how you spell it??)


Welcome and beware..this site can get you spending a lot of time reading threads (why am I sitting here at 1.51 am??). IMHO I think of all the Renault Sport sites I have checked out OS this one is prob the best and most informative.


Enjoy the car, I know I am...had another situation where as I arrived at my street tonight...and literally had to force myself to turn I was enjoying the drive so much...warm night, soft breeze, window down, sun roof up, roarty induction sound from time to time, bugger all other cars...ahhh :wink: I think u know what I mean.


Yes they are quirky however IMO what makes a car good or 'better' is that it engages you and allows for your personal input to the motoring / ownership / experience / learning thing. All my Renaults have developed a character and this one is no different 8)



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A familiar refrain it is, having to force your self out of the car :P


Welcome as you are in the Northern beaches maybe you should come down for the shoot?


If not might be a night run to Palm beach in the future might drop you a PM

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Welcome mate!


try and come on sat! we need some more numbers, especially a flame red!!

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