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Nebie Black 172 RCS


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Welcome mate!


If you're ever around Luke's way you might spot me as I'm one the the 3 Balmain Arctic Blue Cups!!


Enjoy her & join us on the 6th for a big day of fun lol





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Hey there fello RCS owners


Luke Hussey convinced me to buy a RCS, so I bought a black 2002 RCS about 2 weeks ago. Its been pretty fun to drive so far.


Looking 4ward to meeting the rest of you very soon




A big welcome Dave... another black 2002 RCS in Sydney :lol::lol::lol::lol: . Good choice :wink:


See you around the 'traps' :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

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hey there guys


Thanks for making me feel welcome. I bought mine from a guy in Annandale, so u've prob see it around already.


Teki04 - Yeah I wanna get some rims. Maybe the grey cup wheels or even some grey trophy ones, but not sure if we can get them in Oz.


Yeah i'm up for the 6th Jan. We use to do a monthly meet in the MR2 club that I got going.



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