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Megane RS 225 clutch bleed


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hi All. Rob new here, bought a 2005 Megane RS 225 cup 2 months ago. Floor mat got stuck behind the clutch pedal taking off and snapped master cylinder arm. Replaced cylinder. Have bleed it but clutch only working bottom half 50%. It select and forward gears but wont go into reverse. Have tried re bleeding and same thing. Any tips to get clutch working again

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It’s a pita because the slave cylinder is a dead end.

After struggling for ages to bleed mine what finally got it was reading somewhere you need to get violent… 

10 quick pushes in very quick succession sort of shocks the bubbles back out of the slave and back to the bleed nipples. 

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27 minutes ago, Rob225 said:

Thanks guys. Yep tried all that.  I read on a UK forum to keep the clutch pressed in for at least a few hours and it seemed to work. Clutch back to normal. 

Bet your leg was tired after that...

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Firstly, don't be dismayed, have seen some rather experienced mechanics scratch their head trying to bleed a Megane Clutch. 

Reverse bleed from the gearbox end. 

I fashioned a bleeder with a used Powerade bottle and some rubber hose, you need to push the air up the master, there is a lot of clicking the bleeder back and forwards and you will spill a decent amount of fluid so buy twice as much as required. 

Note. Don't use actual Powerade, boiling point is far too low. 

Good luck.  


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10 hours ago, Matt205 said:

Meg 3 requires a syringe to inject fluid in, think the Meg 2 maybe the same?

Essentially yes.

Syringe or pressure bleeder can be used, I tried both and failed, likley because my tools are "Supercheap" home mechanic spec and don't really seal that well, as in very hard to push the right amount of fluid up with out it popping off the valve and re introducing air. 

If you half fill a bottle and have the hose submerged it doesn't allow for air to re enter the system, the same kind of way you would bleed your brakes. 

Solution would be a bleed valve with a proper screw on attachment, like a tyre filler type valve, that would be great.. or an external slave cylinder like old cars. 

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