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Trigger wire location - Clio IV RS 200


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Hello everyone,

I am wanting to install a new head unit into my car. It's an alpine head unit. I have some patch leads and all that but it won't start up with the accessories switch or even when the car is on. I did hotwire it straight to power and got it working, so the unit is fine. I just need to know where the remote/trigger wire is to get it turned on lol. If anyone could link a schematic or something, you would be a legend. Thank you

Thanks very much in advance. 

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I did try my best to do that but far out, it was hard to be sure what was right. I felt like I wasn't even close to the correct wire. That's why I'm here on a random forum hoping someone might push me in the right direction, you know? Have you swapped your head unit over in yours?


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