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  1. Righteo, I think the title can change now.. I am now the (still shaking out of my boots) owner of a 172! R182: the first owner (I am second owner apparently) before me did 323k of those, I only put 7k but nonetheless the original owner must have pampered it as much as he could (has gouge on rear bumper but nothing else major). Engine is as sweet as a nut and the lucky sod after me will have a treat car. Once I get over my nervous breakdown I'll snap some pictures.
  2. Thanks! Located in Sydney and going to be replacing an integra. Whilst the integra is a fun and solid car to drive even though it has done 330k I feel like downsizing without compromising so the RSC seems to be the perfect choice.
  3. Well, hopefully soon to be be a RS owner. Currently looking for a 172 to replace my current car and will be lurking around reading all the how to buy guides
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