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  1. cheers Deet, will check it out.
  2. I don't eat much cabbage, maybe its the bakebeans ... The clio is actually the wifes car... so i will stick to meg3. Deet said "It is, and there is an easy fix" I would like to know the fix....... and just incase..., the windows are up. Cheers
  3. I agree with the above, I have a 250 trophee and mk4 clio. I like the clio for a quick lap around the block but find the interior feel cheap and my clio 4 seems to suffer from wind noise on the hi-way ( dont know if that is common or its just my one ) The 4 is still a good car but not as good as the meg imo.
  4. "Anyhoo. The Alfa/Maserati/Ferrari dealer workshop say the 98 is cooler burning because of the additives. Cooler burning combined with the additives means they find a lot of fouled plug problems, especially on cars that do short trips and city use" Buy a performance vehicle then you should drive it like a performance vehicle..... i don't have any issues with fouled plugs and i live 3 minutes from work....
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