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Another Black 225 on the road in Melbourne


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Hi Team,


As of 12pm today another black 225 will be hitting the streets of Melbourne.


Look forward to joining the banter.


Don't look forward to keeping the car clean but it looked sooo good.


Thanks to all the contributors to this site as it helped me greatly when researching the car.


Have a good christmas and lets cruise in 2007.





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Thanks Guys,


Yep my first Renault.


Picked the car up from City Automobiles thinking I have bought a unique looking car. At the first set of traffic lights I found myself next to a phase 1 225.


Might rock up to the photoshoot all being well.


Got plenty of digi SLR camera gear to play with and I don't need to clean the car yet!!!

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No thats not my car.


That car was sold a few months ago I think.


City Automobiles swapped the wheels over from a cup apparantly. They showed me pictures of it coz I was curious to see what the cup version in black looked like with the anthracite wheels.


Went the non cup. Couldn't wait the 3 months for a black cup to come in and I like the silver on black look. Only silver cups coming in Jan. Mar is their next delivery of different colour cups.


They also told me that no more Blood Orange and it is being replaced with a red colour.


City automobiles own the euro plates V RS 225. They where on my car but they wouldn't sell the plates.


They also have the plates V F1 225.


Not bad the boys at City Automobiles.

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