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Newbie to french hot hatches


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Hi Guys,


New to the french hot hatch scene as I usually lean towards German, but after a drive it was just too good!

I recently acquired a Megane RB8 and the only mod is res delete which really brought it to life, otherwise stock.

Thought I would reach out to the brains trust to gather some thoughts on recommendations on all things Megane RS. I'm based in Sydney and wanted to see if there are any reputable Megane garages around the inner west you would recommend?

Also, the door handles came off - both of them! Any recommendations on how to fix it without buying the whole door trim?

Thanks in advance! 

RB8 front.jpg

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As mentioned by @chuckovskithere are a number of posts in M3 about how to repair the handles.  
Also look out for threads on installing a door pull by the likes of @Safetyman and there was one maybe by @Matt205 where they purchased a cover for the hole in the door card from I think Porsche to give a professional finish.  A great option for the Megs heavy doors.

Many Sydney owners also use Renotech, from my reading of many of the posts on here they are the go to workshop in Sydney for any problems.

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