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Newbie on the gold coast


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Hi all,

Well after 2 weeks of making up my mind to do or not to do and half a day of haggling I bought the F1 Megane from Cartwright on the coast.To tell the truth I fell in love with it at first sight,it's my 3rd Renualt I have owned the other 2 being a 2002 clio and a 2004 megane.Jamie the sales manger Did not wanna let it go,but in the end I won out and I think I got a pretty good deal.Be about another week before I get to take her home,cant wait as the car I own now is giving me the sh*ts big time,drinks gas like a fat lady drinks piss at a party trying to get laid.I have seen reading thru the forum there is a couple of you guys on the coast,so it would be great to catch up sometime to meet and greet,and do a drive thru them hills,once she is run in.



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Hi Nick,


Well done on the purchase, good to see another gold coaster with another RS piece of machinery we should be asble to get a good little group together for drives thru the hill. Hope to see you out and about and well done again.



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One day I will take it into the hills rsc 172, with you far far behind me,(JOKE) ,give me a couple of months to get the k's up and I thinks all the goldie's should catch up for a cruize ,maybe even a saturday nite at the broadwater,been there a couple of times,not sure if you guys go there as there are no euro cars there,just jap and aussie cars,dont get me wrong i love cars but not all crap they throw on to make it look good and sound good,anyways thanks for the welcome and hope to catch up with you guys one day soon.



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