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Resonator and Muffler delete for RS225


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Hey all, I've recently got my rs225 and love it so much however I really want to hear it a lot more. I've gotten a blanking plate, intake hose and when it comes a pod filter from ramair. Turbo flutter is amazing, would hear it more after the pod im hoping. I really want to do something with the exhaust, make it louder and hear more pops and bangs heh but I can't find anything local or it's just too expensive. Does anyone know any good and cheap ones I could get? aiming for <$350 for a resonator delete and muffler delete with tips, i'll probably install it myself. Something annoying with my car is that the left hand side suspension creaks and I'm not sure on what to do with that. Also i'm only 18 so a way to go with experience I guess. Also needa pay rego and stuff so if anyone wants to help out please i'm broke af🫶🫶




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Deleting both the res and muffler would make it obnoxiously loud, IMO. I had a muffler delete and the volume was pretty good, and also then swapped out for a res-delete K-tec hot dog and that was louder still (but sounded great).

An exhaust shop could chop the muffler and weld in a bit of pipe for pretty cheap (and you keep the stock tips). Bonus if you keep the res, you also keep the whistle.

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Congrats on the purchase and cool work you've done to the car so far. 

A res delete is very cheap as hamstrung says because you're just chopping and welding in a section of pipe.  Watch out that the place who does it does a good weld. First time I had mine done on the cheap the weld was a mess on the top side and left holes.  Second time when I had a proper job done it was perfect. 

Rear mufflers from Renault are decent.  I had a Magnaflow hot dog on my 265 which was insanely loud with a res delete and high flow cat. Swapped it out for an Inoxline which is perfect for me.  If you want loud - hot dog at the back and a res delete from a local shop.  

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Do the cat delete. Gives you a dump pipe instead. Then do the mid muffler/resonator delete. Exhaust gasses contract as they cool. The greatest gain in HP are closer to the turbo not close to the exhaust tip. 

If you feel bad about no Cat then reinstall it at the point of the first muffler but you will need to relocate the O2 sensors. 

This is just what I would do on my 225. 

Paul Groome was getting the Cat delete pipes made. Chat to him at French connection or whatever his business is called???

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