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  1. Welcome. Are you looking to go to the track with her or just a daily drive

    1. Lloyd Clarke

      Lloyd Clarke

      Open to track days. But she will live most of the week freeway cruising. Weekends I'll blow cobwebs out.


  2. There are quite a few of these power plants in the car parc . although none of them were delivered in RS models here in Aus they certainly make up a large portion of the Renault population. Interestingly the Renault convertibles will, like the RS model, continue to avoid the crusher and dismantler for a while longer but the list of weird Renault issues will continue to grow. Its fair to say we have one of the best Renault forum platforms in the English speaking world and I would like to see a little more divergence. Feel free to comment and discuss frankly your opinions on my suggestion.
  3. AGreed…. don't get to excited about the OzRS facebook site it takes it to whole other place.
  4. Hi all, I found this on the interweb. A bible for all this tools Renault says you will need. If you can't build it or improvise then you will need to order it from your favourite supplier of Renault genuine parts. Nick at Pure Motorsport also sent me the same pdf so you know its legit. I am doing a JC5 rebuild and need the 5th gear puller it is a must according to Nick and I agree. Hope this helps others. RENAULT SPECIAL TOOLS.pdf
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