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phase 3 Megane RS250 cup trophy exhaust info needed please!


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Hi all, I’m a recent owner of a 2011 Megane RS250 cup trophy. The car is almost completely stock exhaust for a stage 1 tune.

im looking for any good recommendations for exhaust upgrade and fitment options here in Sydney. I want the car to remain on the quiet side but also free it up for a performance increase?

does anyone have any recommendations please?


thanks so much. 

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Remove the resonator and keep the rest stock or find a Akrapovic from a Trophy. There is zero gain going bigger diameter, the post downpipe part of the exhaust is not restrictive.

Plenty on here will disagree, but pretty much every aftermarket option I have heard is just noise, unfortunately the F4RT is just not a great sounding engine.

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4 hours ago, Nathan RINDFLEISH said:

@Matt205 thanks mate, I really appreciate it. If I go for a non resonated cat back exhaust system, (scorpion for example) will the car still sound as quiet is factory?


Thanks again. 

Maybe see if anyone can take you for a run in one with an aftermarket, but personally think once you've gotten past the honeymoon stage of extra noise it would become tiring. With the res delete you will get what you are after.

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