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Hi All newbie here - Apple Carplay advice needed


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Hi All, I've been a long time French car owner (Peugeot) but please don't hold that against me.  I've been the proud owner of a 2016 Megane GT now for over 4 years and I must say I love it.

The only thing I’m not loving is the infotainment system.  I'm on the Rlink 2.2 (19.300) branch and have the tesla style screen with the Bose sound system.  The Bluetooth drops out quite a bit and I'm longing for Apple carplay.

Does anyone here know how I could go about upgrading the system for me to get this.  Software is out I've heard, is there either an official Renault head unit that I could upgrade to, or os there an after market unit I could buy ?


Thanks in Advance.




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Thanks Matt, Yes I am a techie so have upgraded the software as far as I can by not going to a dealer.  I’ve read if you take the car to a dealer it can be upgraded to v7 but that only lets you enable Android Auto via a secret developer menu, but not Apply CarPlay, due to some piece of required hardware not present in the 2016 Megane. If only I bought a 2017 model then all would have been good.  That’s why I was asking about possible  headunit options.

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My Daughter has a 2014 Megane and has been able to have Apple CarPlay and a reversing camera integrated into her OEM head-unit using DS-T Smartlink system.  It was not a DIY job for us - we went through a car audio installer in Brisbane.  If you send me a DM with your email address, I can forward you the whole email thread between us.  It's several pages and will probably help you - the dude really knew his stuff.

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Hey, I know a long shot as this was posted 2 yrs ago, I’m in Bris and looking for car play fir my 2015 RS265 integration can you confirm who you went through to install ? Thanks in advance. 

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