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New RS 265 owner checking in


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Hi all,

I've been chasing an RS for about a decade, but life and family responsibilities have held me back.

A couple of weeks ago I finally picked up a 265 with only 50k on the clock and in pretty good condition for 9 years old. So far, I couldn't be happier. There are a few niggles like an airbag sensor that sometimes acts up, missing drivers side floor mat, loose driver seat control panel and a couple of worn buttons, but overall I haven't found anything major. Drives through the hills like nothing else I've been behind the wheel of.

I'm planning to take it to a mechanic specialising in euro cars, just have to find one in NE Adelaide (I've heard Dodson is good, but I'd prefer something closer to home).


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2 hours ago, Gavor said:

Yeah I'm really enjoying driving it, just got back from a 90 minutes cruise through the hills.

Got it in black. Looks great.

Not the most flattering pic, but here it is!



I’m just seeing an empty black square.

is this a piss take? Cos if it is I love it!  😆👌

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12 hours ago, speedfiend41 said:

I’m just seeing an empty black square.

is this a piss take? Cos if it is I love it!  😆👌

😅 Not intentionally!

Pic looks good on my end still, anyone else only seeing a black square?

Here it is again, this time added in a different way!



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