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  1. Hi Jason Welcome and nice choice, let us know when you are ready to go for a drive and catch up so I can see your car in the flesh. I purchased a 265 RS Trophy approx. 7 month ago and have been very happy with the car. Regards Jason A
  2. Thanks guys have it at home now, so the personal touches will now start. Directional headlights are very cool at night. Overall quite nice to drive, only negative is the hi fi, rest is pretty good
  3. Yes it was my number 1 colour also, had this and a red bull on my short list but difficult to justify the extra for a couple of stickers and no more power. Plus the red bull livery does stand out quite a bit, this is a little more subtle.
  4. Here it is, pick it up next Thursday. 2012 RS 265
  5. Thanks guys, I will give the tap talk a go
  6. Hi all Have just put a deposit on new Megane RS 265 Cup Trophy. Pick it up in two weeks. Looking forward to some track days and drives. Located in Brisbane and interested to chat with others who have fitted RS Tuner. Regards Jason
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