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Another Newbie


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Hi Guys, am a proud RSC owner from southern sydney.

Had my blue cup for @ twelve months and am always seeing the little f$@#*^s around.


Also wanted to pass on my thanks in advance, after reading your threads re: modifications.

Certain I don't want to make a mistake with my baby!


Am looking forward to meeting you guys.


If you see me: MUZ.00A, be sure to say g'day.



Cheers Andrew.

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Hi Andrew :D


Welcome to the forum :D


And YES!! We have another sydney sider :lol::lol::mrgreen: ........awesome!! :lol:


Anyway, hope u enjoy the site, and if i ever see you around, i'll be sure to wave like a nutter :lol::lol: .....................although Teki may get to you first :lol::lol: ...........you'll find out who he is soon enough :lol::lol:




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Hey Brendan,


I don't know what I'm doing, great day outside. Could be thrashing the Natio!

This place is pretty addictive hey....


Looking forward to a drive day of some description, meet and greet would be great.




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Hey Andrew.


Welcome to the forum. How did you find out about us all?


It's a little best kept secret, isn't it? :P


I do believe there is a drive day coming up (Sunday Nov 26th I believe). Check out the social section!


I'll be sure to beep if I see you around.





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Hi Steven


Thanks for that. Met a guy at the Murcotts Driving course, you know the one you get when you buy a RSC.

He was a member, and suggested I have a look.


Gotta say that course was great value! Him and I just sat back whilst the instructor went around with the other s#*t boxes, which gave us plenty of time to fang it around the track.


I see what you guys mean by getting the cars on the track and doing an advanced driver course...

Can't say I didn't give myself a few scares :oops:


Look forward to seeing you at a drive day.


Cheers Andrew.

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Please Brendan. NO excuses - I have exams too. Study now, go out later (leave at 11.30pm :P)


And Andrew, the place can sometimes be addictive. Ok, maybe all the time!


Spot you around,



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Another Andrew & another Sydney-sider!!


Is ur's French Racing or Arctic Blue??


Enjoy the site!!


It's addictive as lol





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Thanks guys!,


Mines the french racing.

Thinking of getting the stripes, just to top it off. Got a quote from Waitara and they want over $1200.

So it won't be a genuine original part then.


Checking in on social section, as am keen as for a drive day! :D




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