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At long last...


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So, about 15 years ago I had my heart set on a Mk2 RS Clio as a second car after test driving a 172 (non-Cup), as the 200SX I had at the time had reached the point in it's modification journey where my g/f (now wife) would no longer tolerate it. Due to a series of misadventures mostly related to the lack of an available second parking space in inner Sydney, I never managed to consummate the deal.

Fast forward to mid 2021 - a friend and colleague casually mentioned that he had a 2003 172 with less than 80k km on it sitting in his garage unregistered, undriven for a number of years - and he would be happy to hand it over to someone who would care for it, and get it back on the road (on the condition of being able to drive it once it was done). So... a bit delayed, but finally, I have my Clio. This is it, the day it was dropped off:





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Since then, I've been through:

  • Plugs, filters, oil, battery and all the normal maintenance items
  • Radiator (leaking)
  • Timing belt / waterpump / accessories belt - Thanks to Andrew @ Gilberts Maitland for taking that job on
  • Brakes all round & Powerflex bushings - Fitted @ Renotech & thanks Paul @ Autoparis
  • New Rays wheels (3/4 of the originals bent, all damaged) - Thanks, Jesse Streeter
  • A/C compressor - Fitted by Andrew @ MBL Newtown, thanks again to Paul @ Autoparis
  • De-dinting - Thanks to Steve @ Dint Fix Maitland

And a variety of minor repairs to headlights, washers, interior bits, exhaust, et al. 

I can't thank Paul enough for his help and advice 😅

And here it is today: 


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12 minutes ago, lachlan8 said:

Great work, how good are Clio 2s! Ask anyone here and they'll confirm this model has the best and most active community (haha).

Welcome :)

Thanks! - I've spoken to a few guys in Newcastle via the various Facebook groups, and there's a lot of love for the Mk2, not bad for a 20 year old city hatch 😁

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