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Recently picked up my Renault and thinking about getting a dash cam installed. Should I get this installed by the Renault dealer or is it safe to get it done through any autoelectrician? 

Also, do I need to use premium in my vehicle?



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You could install it yourself if you only want to plug it into your 12v socket or USB port and there are plenty of videos around on our friend google to show you how to do this hiding the cables etc. or you could get an auto electrician to hardwire it in for you.

We don't know what model Renault you have bought but the fuel octane rating should show near the fuel cap or somewhere else on the car.


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Very easy to install requires zero wiring just plug it into cigarette socket and tuck the cables away with a plastic tool. But if you don't want to use up your cigarette socket, want a cleaner install or using parking surveillance will need to wire it in to a fuse tap on a 12v fuse (I'd recommend the rear windscreen wipers). Also not too complicated would recommend soldering it but can just be done with self soldering heat shrink. 
If you want someone else to do it should be farily cheap at any auto electrician, theres nothing special about it.

Fuel wise thats a pretty big argument theres a whole thread on it with pleanty of tests. I pretty much only run 98 (With a ECU tune) but have run it fine on 95 once or twice when there was no 98 available.

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If you drive carefully all the time get one.

If you like the odd blast down some twisties Dont!

If you do happen to crash at speed the police have all the evidence they need including previous indiscretions. Buyer beware.


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