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Engine Failure Hazard query - 2017 Renault Megane


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Happy new year everyone!

Hoping I can get some advice.  I have a 2017 Renault Megane REN sedan.  Yesterday when restarting the car the 'Engine Hazard Failure' light came on along with the 'Stop' sign as well as a beeping sound.  The beeping lasted for about 15 seconds and stopped.    Yesertday in Melbourne was really hot - almost 40 degrees, so thinking it's potentially overheated.  I filled up the water tank and the engine seemed to sound OK when I drove the car back home but the 'Engine Hazard Failure' and 'Stop' signs remained.

I'm planning to take to the Renault Shop shop on Tuesday when it reopens but was just wondering if this has ever happened to aynyone else and what the cause of it was or any other advice you may have?  It's only done 40,000 and got a full service done around 6 months ago.



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First up, not sure I'd be driving it to be honest, do you have roadside assist with Renault? When you say you filled the water did it actually need water?

It's most likely to be a sensor failure or something but I'd be checking oil level at a minimum and probably wouldn't be driving it......

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Thanks for the advice guys and thanks @Matt205.  Per your suggestion, I called roadside assist and the guy has come and just finished having a look.  He just reset the computer and it cleared the issue with the engine starting as per normal with no engine hazard failure signal.  He mentioned that it was probably a computer reading and sometimes it just needs a reset similar to a phone to clear the issues.

Saved me going out to the dealer tomorrow and no doubt saved me a lot of coin, so realy appreciate it and made my day!!  My roadside is coming up for expiry in August, definiltey going to renew it - so handy and it just paid for itself and more.

Thanks again guys and have a great 2022!! 

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