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Newbie with an old question - Fitting Recaros from an RS265 into an RS200 (mk3)


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Hi, I'm new to the forum. I have had my Clio RS 200 Cup (mk3) for a little over a year now and am loving it.

I have got to the stage where I want to tweak it a little bit and have picked up a few things from KTR (although the shipping costs are pretty awful as I'm in NZ). One of the things at the top of my list was a set of Reacros. I did not think I'd find any, as the Recaros don't come up very often in NZ.

However, I stumbled across a set from a Megane RS 265, which I'm stoked about. The only problem is that the Recaro seat base/subframe is not plug and play into the Clio's floor bolt holes. Is there a way to change the base and make the seats work? I see that this has been mentioned in the past but I seem to find a direct answer. No doubt this has been discussed a lot, but my searching skills are obviously below par.

Can any one provide an answer, link to a thread that would help, link to anyone who fabricates bases?


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If you want recaros in the C3 I would highly suggest sourcing a lowering frame at least for the drivers side. The stock seat height is like a barstool.

The stock C3 recaro frames would be required to be removed to fit the lowered frame. That might fit recaros from the Megane.

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