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Gold Coast Newb. 2008 Clio RS197


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Hi guys,

My names Ben and I picked up my first ever hot hatch, first time euro car owner aswell.

This forum was highly recommended on Facebook. 👍

I'm based on the Gold Coast and have a 2008 Clio RS197 in Toro Red.

2 owner car with 160ks and full log book servicing from renault. 

Basically stock only running kW V1 Coilovers.

Looking to do some more to it over the next 12 months including a half cage.

Will be using the car for Sunday fun drives and time attack In 2020. Looking to get back into hill climbs and motorkhanas with aswell. 

Look forward to meeting some local members :)







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10 hours ago, woot woot said:

That was a good price for the car and the mods it's got. Welcome

Thanks mate . Yeah was a great price. Really happy 

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Nice mate, looks real clean and I'm envious of your spoiler kit.

Hope to see you around sometime, I'm relatively new 197 owner also - southside Brisbane. Haven't been able to get to many events/meetings due to working but I'm keen to get out there. These things are just SO much bloody fun to drive hey.

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Hi mate 

Cheers I'm really happy with it. 

This spoiler kit creates a  stir haha lots of people seem to want it . Really sets the car off.

I know the feeling mate, single two kids and work full time so its a juggling act 24 hours a day to find time get to meets let alone drive it . 


But definitely keen to catch up and go for a drive. Yep these things are an absolute blast. 

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20 minutes ago, Moosey said:

Wow! Car looks awesome! Love a 197 front end. And welcome to ozRS!

Thanks Moosey . I love the look of it aswell. Small and agressive :)

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