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  1. Finally a nice day to wash the Clio and get the OzRS sticker on!
  2. Congratulations mate, what a beauty 👍 Welcome!
  3. Mate, tell me about it, what a nightmare! Does look brilliant when clean though. TRX is blue with a white frame. It's a great bike mate, heaps of character and great sound with the OVER pipes, which you obviously know all about with the Aprilia's. Ripper line up of vehicles you've got there mate 👍
  4. Haha, mate I was thinking I should treat myself to the Akra for Christmas 😆
  5. Hey Woot, that would've been the girl mate. She's the lucky one that gets to drive it daily!
  6. Cheers for the welcome guys. First real decent drive out in the hills today. Man, I love this car. Point and shoot! A lot of members had said it's a motorbike on 4 wheels, and I have to agree. Due for a tyre upgrade soon, some pretty ordinary rubber on at the moment. Cheers team, a few pics from the drive this morning...
  7. Hi all, Been a member of this great forum for a year or so now and have just picked up my first RenaultSport, a 2012 Clio Red Bull. Have wanted one forever. Only had it enough time to drive it home from Sydney to Geelong and can't wait to take it out for a blast in the hills. What a ripper little go-kart. Cheers guys, great to be a part of the forum. Matt
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