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Newbie - Clio Gordini


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Howdy All,

I'm the proud new owner of a Gordini Clio 3 rs200. It was the one from South Aus that was advertised on FB marketplace.

It needs a few bits and pieces. I've already sorted the dead wipers (seized mechanism), and its booked in for timing belt this week. 

Apart from that I know I'll be needing to do engine mounts, front strut top mounts and probably 100 other bits and pieces I find along the way.

It's my first foray into Renault cars, but not Renault engines. I'm almost finished with a COVID project that's powered by a Renault 16 engine which I enjoyed rebuilding...... 


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1 hour ago, griffyn said:

You're not alone in having an R16 powered vehicle here ;) although yours is probably a lot more fun than mine is. 

I've been amazed at how simple and cleverly designed the engines are. I've played with other 70s engines in the past and they're way heavier, larger and more complex for not much benefit. 


Now the important question, what's your engine in?

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