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New member - RS275 cup premium wanted


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Hi all,

I’m new to the forum. After obsessing over the gen 3 RS meganes for many years, I’ve finally decided to start seriously looking to buy. My criteria initially started at RS265 cup with < 60k km. Given the already deflated state of the car market (and now coronavirus), I’ve expanded this criteria to RS275 cup premium. I’m obsessed with the alcantara trim, recaro seats and akrapovic exhaust. I feel like this spec makes the car even more special and I’d regret anything less - maybe I’m getting greedy. I would love to hear any thoughts on the following:

Are the recaro seats comfortable enough for daily use? Have heard mixed opinions. Also conscious cup premium is on 19s.

Glacier white or diamond black? I keep flipping between the two. Love the black wheel contrast with white paint but black also looks awesome.

Is $25k for an example with 40-50k km reasonable or should I go harder? 

Understand a few subjective queries here but would appreciate any opinions.



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Good shopping David,

 I find the RS 275 Recaros really comfortable and supportive, whilst not cushioned like most seats they are so ergonomically shaped I'm certain you'll enjoy (I'm 177cm & 85kgs)

Entry & exit with long doors and well bolstered seats is an ongoing challenge particularly in carparks ….so limbo up.

I don't think the 19s add that much harshness other than the 30% premium over similar 18" tyres. Yes its a firm ride but still probably better overall than a Liberty GT -Bspec I'd previously owned.

Most harshness (due to torsion beam rear end) comes from cross joints in some road surfaces.

I can assure you any ride discomfort is more than compensated by sheer corner grip and agility.

Considering they were $54k plus brand new, I really think that mileage for a well cared for example is money well spent.

I consider mine a bargain @ 41K (I gladly agreed to the advertised price and then flew down to Melb to collect and drive it back) when I  'stole' it with 3,000 klms and only 9 months of ownership.

Safe bet you wont have any regrets


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Hands down agree with everyone above. I'm a bigger guy and have no complaints about the recaros. I find them very comfortable. They are firm and very supportive with no issues sitting in them for longer drives. You will not look back after sitting in them (well let's be honest you'll be looking back at all the other drivers you'll be leaving in the dust lol)

Slight difficulty in navigating the bolsters when getting in and out but it really is not a big deal. Slide the seat back and then get out = problem solved 👊

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