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  1. Evening Reggies, Not complete Newbie - learnt to dive in a Renault 10, and bought my wife a very 2nd hand Renault 12 in the 80's. Saying farewell to a perfect 6 years & 130,000ks with an Octavia RS Man wagon (after 5 various Subbies until they just got too ugly, too boring & yank market focused)...having made 'the sensible' Skoda choice in 2010 despite lusting over current RS since its launch. Question? About to sign paperwork for a 2015 275 in Melbourne, can't get down for 2 weeks to inspect & don't want to jerk current owner around....can anyone recommend a focused Renault/Euro workshop (melb city area) for pre-purchase once over - Finance Broker insists. Just to make certain its been loved (no warped discs, scuffed rims, panel damage or body repairs). Thanks , and looking forward to my French affair - Rod PS Starting to feel like a kid a few days out from Xmas
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