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  1. Thank you admin.....😉 it is all appreciated!
  2. Agreed..bring it 'Back in Black' (please)
  3. Rod

    Thanks so much for the info Stu...and your replacement is still chilling properly?


    1. Stu165


      Still working last I drove it.

  4. Rod

    Hey hey!

    Must have caffeinnnneeee...…..Been there solved that, These guys slide between centre console and seat bolster. Use on passenger side - it holds 2 cups https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000973649085.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.20f31e47KemehZ&algo_pvid=b2c1bed4-60ed-42ef-9509-f9947d6aa1c6&algo_expid=b2c1bed4-60ed-42ef-9509-f9947d6aa1c6-3&btsid=0ab6fb8815940270939398754e7217&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
  5. Good shopping David, I find the RS 275 Recaros really comfortable and supportive, whilst not cushioned like most seats they are so ergonomically shaped I'm certain you'll enjoy (I'm 177cm & 85kgs) Entry & exit with long doors and well bolstered seats is an ongoing challenge particularly in carparks ….so limbo up. I don't think the 19s add that much harshness other than the 30% premium over similar 18" tyres. Yes its a firm ride but still probably better overall than a Liberty GT -Bspec I'd previously owned. Most harshness (due to torsion beam rear end) comes from c
  6. My absolute fav Clio, with my now favorite Clio wheels - Congrats , its gorgeous
  7. Evening Reggies, Not complete Newbie - learnt to dive in a Renault 10, and bought my wife a very 2nd hand Renault 12 in the 80's. Saying farewell to a perfect 6 years & 130,000ks with an Octavia RS Man wagon (after 5 various Subbies until they just got too ugly, too boring & yank market focused)...having made 'the sensible' Skoda choice in 2010 despite lusting over current RS since its launch. Question? About to sign paperwork for a 2015 275 in Melbourne, can't get down for 2 weeks to inspect & don't want to jerk current owner around....can anyone recommend a focused Renau
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