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  1. So when I bought the car from the dealer, I insisted it needed to have the timing belt replaced, seeing it had never been replaced (2012 car with 86k kms). I’ve since realised that you’re supposed to replace water pump at the same time as timing belt… this was not done by the dealer, only the timing belt kit itself was changed. I’m pretty pissed off at myself (and at the dealer) about it tbh, should have done better due diligence. The dealer still claimed the cost was $1k… Is this cause for concern? Ideally would have had water pump changed too, but in my mind, the timing belt kit is
  2. Haha second choice, I see what you did there Justin… LY looks so good.
  3. Loving it so far. Agreed with the spec. For me it was either an 8:08 or white/black cup premium. Surprised how many stares the car gets.
  4. Thanks mate. All those items are on the list. Has RE003s on it at the moment which work well for now. However, grip falls off a cliff with them when wear reaches a certain level (had them on previous car).
  5. Finally getting around to posting about the 8:08 I bought. Absolutely in love with it so far. Pretty sure it’s bone stock but still quicker than I expected in a straight line. Haven’t been able to take it on a proper quick drive yet through the twisties, so am yet to see its full abilities yet. However, can tell it has razor sharp turn-in and mobile rear end (even dances a tad sometimes under heavy braking going straight). Loving the seats, bi-xenons and playing around with throttle mapping. Only minor bug bear so far is an annoying clicking at bottom of throttle position. Feels like you’re at
  6. Full service history except timing belt had not been done yet. I got the dealer to throw in timing belt change as part of the deal. Just waiting on the receipts and will be good to settle 👍
  7. Cheers mate. Apologies, they are using sealant not replacing gasket, seeing there isn’t one.
  8. Will share photos once I have it
  9. I’m going to be settling on a white 8:08 today guys, pretty exciting. Had it checked out by a mechanic (as it’s interstate), said it’s in very good condition and full service history. Just needed some rocket cover gasket sealant due to minor oil seepage (apparently very common on these cars). It has 86k kms. Would you have any concerns with that mileage on these things? I’d be doing under 10,000kms a year but looking to hold for a while (seeing everyone on Ozrs loves them to bits 😛)
  10. Thanks guys. Definitely going the 8:08 route, just put a deposit down. @lachlan8I don’t think that is an 8:08, I thought all 8:08s have leather recaros.
  11. DIlemma guys... I'm pretty deep into negotiating an 8:08 when I just saw this a Trophy+ pop up on Carsales for the same price (although I have negotiated timing belt replacement included for the 8:08). The Trophy+ has 55,000kms on the dial (which is 30k less than the 8:08) and also has the leather recaros. Pretty sure Trophy+ has sunroof and satnav. I am so torn... What would you do?! 8:08 is probably more special but both effectively the same car. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2013-renault-megane-r-s-265-trophy-manual/OAG-AD-20006733/?Cr=0&gts=OAG-AD-20006733&gtsSaleI
  12. Cheers guys. From what I can tell, cup premiums are going for mid to high 20s and 8:08s for low 20s if < 100k kms. Bit of extra value in the 8:08 route for mods but obviously don’t get the extra cup premium goodies. Damn COVID tax!! If only I’d pulled the trigger early 2020.
  13. Thanks all. Am leaning towards the 8:08. I know this is controversial but pearl white is also my pick. Love the look of the alcantara in the cup premium but thinking the leather recaros easier to maintain. Also the bi-xenons are a big plus.
  14. Hi, I’m about to take the plunge and purchase either an RS265 8:08 or a RS275 cup premium. Is there any discernible performance difference between the two? Not really concerned by the extra power, because this can be eclipsed easily with a tune. More so talking about any dynamics/handling difference between the two (apparently cup premium has lighter weight suspension components). I imagine it would be hard to tell any difference on a test drive. Cheers, Dave
  15. Congratulations @Kranix! Trophy+ is a great spec. How many kms did you pick it up with? Full service history is the main thing.
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