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2004 Clio Sport 172


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G'day, Just bought a 2004 Clio Sport 172 I think. Really enjoying the car but need to freshen up steering and suspension.


My question is...Can someone confirm it is a genuine 172.. It has a single exhaust and spare tyre. Sports decals on seats etc.


Thanks for the invite..5e632f7974e365cafd367afafcaf6c7e.jpg7deee84b64e15e733f6a62a7838ef893.jpg


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172s came with a spare wheel, and "single exhaust" (hidden behind bumper). It's the 182 which has no provision for a spare wheel as it has 2 mufflers under the boot floor for its dual exhaust with twin exhaust tips protruding from under the bottom of the rear bumper.

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The OP's Clio has the clear side indicators and probably has no door lock on the drivers side. It's a really late build 172. :hyper:

The 172 "conversion" to 1.2s is a big thing in the UK because insurance is really expensive for younger drivers. Also Clios over there are really common and cheap.

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