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  1. What makes you think it's not a genuine 172? You could make a 1.2 Clio look like a 172 but swapping the running gear etc. just wouldn't be worth while.
  2. Looks a nice car with some decent recent expenditure. This one for not much more jumps out at me though due to lower Ks and recaros... Check out this Renault Megane. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2011-Renault-Megane-RS-250-Cup-Trophee-Manual/SSE-AD-5695294
  3. I didn't know Hertz had Megane RS' as rental cars - seems an odd choice for a rental company. Looks like a good clean car. Based on age it is technically over due a timing belt service (approx. $1-1.5k from a Renault Dealer)...try finding one for sale that isn't due this service though 🤣
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