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New Megane GT 220 Owner


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Yep, a wagon in grey with the light grey (almost white) and black leather seats.

I can't say that I was looking for one of these - had been thinking about getting a manual  SV6 for a while - but had a look at the Megane and it brought a smile to my face.

Getting used to the concept of the traction control cutting engine power ....

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Was that the one in Perth Mouse? I was going to look at that one and was disappointed when it sold! Congrats though! I picked up another one not long after. Very nice cars. Did you end up tuning it? I'm wondering how it turned out...I was looking at the Bluefin flash tuners but no idea how it will turn out.

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Yep, the one in Perth. And I also ended up getting the bluefin remap and power / torque increase is great! 

The only other remote tuning option I found was Rstuning.co.uk told me they could do a remote tune (even though they don’t list the GT220 on their website) but roughly double the price of bluefin.

fastchip.nl wouldn’t sell me a remap (even though they do list the ‘TCe 220 Performance Calibration’ on their website)

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