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Having just purchased a Renault after nearly 50 years (previous an R8), I though I should find an appropriate forum to seek some advice.


The car is a 2006 build X84 series 11 2 door Sport, 118 k kms, full service history etc.

I am trying to establish what are the correct rims as I wish to buy some for track work and keep the original for normal road use.

As fitted to the car are 17" dia, 7 1/2 " wide, offset 68 mm whereas all the "official" data seems to vary from this.

Having looked at other similar cars for sale, these wheels to seem to be as fitted from new.

Any help would be appreciated.


Also, anyone with a set of wheels for sale??




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Hi Junior, 

Thank you for response and reference to the pictures.

still a bit confused (easy I know!!) 

My car is definitely a NON Cup version, but the wheels have a similar spoke profile to the Cup version (but 17") and not the thicker spoke as shown in the referred pic.

Did this change occur in Phase 11 models perhaps??


best regards


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I have a set of Bebops that are surplus to my needs (17") if you are interested. Located in Canberra. Yes, they have a few scratches and marks but nothing too bad

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