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My Clio Stopped And My Mechanic Is Mystified


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My 2001 Clio 172 was running superbly at a track day and without warning suddenly stopped. The NRMA diagnosed no pulse at the ignition module and the car was towed to my mechanic. My mechanic confirmed the diagnosis but was able to start it after charging the battery and checking  all the relays. He kept the car for a few days, was unable to find a fault and was able to start it several times until it died again. He tells me it is not a mechanical,battery or relay problem and believes it is a power problem caused by a bad connection.The car was towed to an auto electrician who has yet to report. Has anyone had a similar problem and if so, any suggestions to fix it? 

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Could just be the ye old crank position sensor? I'm guessing but I'd think if the ECU sees no pulse from the sensor then the command to the coil pack may not initiate.



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I assume he has a code reader? Any mention of any fault codes being thrown?


Just to throw a few things into the mix off the top of my head:


- tdc sensor. Renault updated the design - the newer version is blue in colour, the older one is black. If you have a black one it might be worthwhile looking at that.

- possibly immobiliser/key related?

- worth checking engine bay loom wiring for any damage/chaffing and cleaning all connections. There are also a couple of big white connectors (one in the fuse box and one under the scuttle panel) that can cause problems due to oxidisation/corrosion. Check the ecu plug is firmly connected as that can loosen up. Check earth straps too - there is one from the gearbox to the chassis iirc.

- Clio 2s seem pretty sensitive to battery voltage anyway, even if the battery comes up ok on a test they can still cause problems - often the trip meter resetting is a sign that the battery is on the way out.

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I would certainly check the TDC / Crank Position Sensor or whatever it is called AND the wiring between it and the loom. The only reason I say this is that I have been troubleshooting a similar problem and I am pretty sure I've narrowed it down to a partial break  in the wire which is also suffering from worn insulation and appear to have partially pulled out of the plug itself suggesting a less than strong connection. I haven't seen the other end yet.

​As Krappy mentioned, the original TDC sensor has a black plug connection, which is what I have. Fortunately I have a second clio with no such issues and a black plug connection, so I was able to put in a sensor I know to be working but still got the same problem.

​I am now trying to source a blue plug sensor and someone with small hands and soldering skills to handle the connection. 

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