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New Rs220 Trophy Owner


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Hi everyone,


I joined a little while ago looking for an old Megan RS 225 but ended up pulling the trigger on a brand new RS 220! I couldn't say no once I saw it in the Frost White. I have just a few questions:

  • Any advice or particular threads I should look at on this forum with regards to this car?
  • Is there anything I should swap out immediately to make my driving experience better (headlights, etc.)?
  • Has anyone installed a dashcam and successfully hidden the wires inside the vehicle trim.
  • What's the deal with the TomTom live services for the head unit? Has anyone else had issues with them not working?

I'm based in Sydney and am excited to join a members drive some time!


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Congrats dude, awesome choice and I love the 220's in white :)


In terms of things you could look to do without much hassle but big returns is to remove the intake amplifier hose in the engine, that funnels noise into the cabin. It's a 5 min job with the right cap ends and will improve the "hearability" of the stereo and allow more exhaust goodness to be heard in the cabin.





The other thing, is if you'd like a spare wheel, the RX-8 space saver fits - there are a few threads on this too in the Clio IV forum. :wink:


As for TomTom, I find the navigation better than a regular GPS - as for updating it, i think there was a software release recently, but it was $$$. It was mentioned somewhere in the Clio IV forum too.



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I installed a dashcam under the rear view mirror and just pushed the wire into the mirror headlining above and across the top of the passengers windscreen head lining and down the door pillar to the join and then across the outside of the door pillar and down the door frame rubber to the bottom of the glove box and then down to the foot well and across and back up the centre console to the cigarette lighter socket if that all makes sense. 

I used cable supports at the foot well and one at the side of the console near the cigarette lighter socket to support it.


The only place you can see the wire is where it crosses on the outside of the door pillar near the join coz I did not want to try and push it behind the join in case I set the airbag off.


If you want more info or photos please let me know.

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The new 220 due some time this year will have LED headlights and I think cornering function. They'd be expensive but if you can get a set I'm sure they'd make a big difference. Otherwise there's a luxury spec Clio with a standard engine that came with xenon's but only in Europe. I think since people toyed with buying and installing them.

Congratulations by the way!

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