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How Do I Remove The Service Warning On The Dash?


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09 trophee.


I don't really want to take it to a dealer.

I can do the servicing myself.




 On my Meg265, when the spanner light comes on on the tacho dial, and the notification screen shows that a service is needed, it can be cleared by toggling thru to the notification displayed, with one of the buttons on the end of the windscreen wiper control stalk. Once at the screen advising the need for a service you hold one of the buttons, on the end of the windscreen wiper stalk, for 5 to 6 seconds and it resets and the spanner light goes out. It may not be the same as yours but may give an idea on whats required. I just asked my service department when I had my car in and they were happy to tell me. A bit like resetting your trip meter.

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Switch the ignition on but don't start the car.

Toggle through the menu items until you find the service due menu item.

Hold one of the buttons on the end of the stalk until it resets.


I think that is the process. If not Google it. There are plenty of YouTube videos etc on how to do it.

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09 trophee with cardkey


Started the car (no "reds" option due to card not key).

Toggled once through the display screen until back to the SERVICE DUE NOW message.

Held toggle button for maybe 10 seconds, it flashes a few times, and the spanner is gone.

Done, thanks for every bodies help.


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